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Fragrance Diffusers 

Perfume cards, Toilet blocks

With the wonderfully scented and economically priced Limpro odor diffusers, we offer a wide range of odor diffusers in the form of Perfume Cards. The Perfume Cards are available in 9 scent combinations, each of which spreads a wonderful fragrance. Use the Perfume Cards throughout the home such as in the bedroom, bathroom, toilet and even in the car.

Do you love a fresh toilet? Limpro also has wonderfully scented toilet blocks that effectively keep the toilet clean and fresh.

  • With real perfume
  • High quality fragrance combinations
  • Delivers dosed wonderful fragrance

For use in

Perfume cards

Limpro’s Perfume Cards with real perfume spread a wonderful fragrance in doses. The Perfume Cards are suitable for use in the car, on the toilet, in the closet or in a closet drawer. The cord makes it easy to attach the Perfume Card to the surface. Enjoy an average of 45 days of perfume with scent notes such as bergamot, cardamom and lemon. For new freshness, briefly waving the scent card is enough to reactivate the fragrance.

Toilet bloCKS

Looking for an easy way to keep the toilet clean and fresh? Limpro’s toilet blocks with real perfume ensure a wonderfully scented and fresh toilet. From the first to the last flush, you are assured of a really clean toilet.