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About Limpro

Whether you want to easily and effectively tackle moisture problems in and around the house or spread a wonderful fragrance, you can always count on Limpro’s quality products.

At Limpro, you can choose from moisture controllers, fragrance diffusers or toilet blocks. Made in the Netherlands and produced with quality ingredients and still available at a favorable price.

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Buy Limpro products

Limpro products are easily available both online and in stores. For example, the complete Limpro product line is available from our partner Action. With more than 2,500 Action stores throughout Europe, there is always a store nearby. But also through web shops such as bullstore.eu you can easily order your Limpro products at the click of a button.

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Koop Limpro producten bij Bullstore


Dovox produces household (non-electrical) utility products with a “feel good” effect; innovative products that make consumers’ lives more enjoyable in and around the home and are available at a surprisingly low price, without sacrificing quality.