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At Limpro, we offer an extensive range of products that make life in and around the house just that little bit more pleasant. With our moisture controllers, odor diffusers and toilet blocks, you can effectively deal with moisture problems on the one hand and spread a wonderful fragrance in a place you want on the other. Quality is always number one at Limpro.

Most of our products are produced in the Netherlands using only the highest quality ingredients and raw materials.  The result? An effective and safe product. Moreover, the price is competitive without compromising on quality and the requirements of the legislator. In addition, the products are easily available (both online and in stores).

Limpro Pro moisture controllers 

Are you suffering from damp areas in your home? At Limpro Pro you will find a wide range of moisture controllers that can tackle moisture problems easily, effectively and economically. Our moisture controllers remove condensation and prevent moisture stains and foul odors easily and effectively. There is a starter kit, a refill kit in different fragrances and a special car dehumidifier. Deal with excess moisture effectively with a Limpro Pro moisture controllers!

Limpro Pro categorie

Moisture absorbers, Car Dehumidifiers and refills

  • Effective moisture control
  • To be used in any room
  • Easy to use
  • Lasts for 1 to 3 months

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LIMPRO fragrance diffusers

With the wonderfully scented and economically priced Limpro fragrance diffusers, we offer a wide range of fragrance diffusers in the form of Perfume Cards. The Perfume Cards are available in 9 scent combinations, each of which spreads a wonderful fragrance. Use the Perfume Cards throughout the home such as in the bedroom, bathroom, toilet and even in the car.

Limpro categorie

Perfume cards, Toilet blocks

  • With real perfume
  • High quality fragrance combinations
  • Delivers dosed wonderful fragrance
  • Lasts a long time

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