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Limpro Toilet Block Baby Sweet

Limpro’s toilet block in the scent Baby Sweet provides a wonderfully fragrant and fresh toilet with real perfume. The way to keep the toilet clean and fresh! From the first to the last flush, you are assured of a really clean toilet.

The toilet block Baby Sweet:

  • Protects against dirt between cleanings
  • Prevents the formation oflimescale and stains in the toilet
  • Gives off a lovely soft, floral fragrance with a slightly fruity, woody undertone.

Fragrance Description: A floral, sweet fragrance with a slightly fruity, woody undertones. A fine, recognizable fragrance reminiscent of a fresh baby’s room.

Lasts up to 240 rinses
Keeps the toilet clean and fresh
Prevents limescale
Sleek and subtle design

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Product Specifications


Baby Sweet

Package Contents

1 Toilet Block


71 grams


14,5 x 13 x 3,5 cm

Article Number


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User Manual

Use: Break the package and open the holder and position the Limpro toilet block on the side of the toilet that receives the most flushing water. The stream of water releases a delightfully perfumed fragrance during flushing. At the same time, the water flow cleans the toilet. The Toilet block lasts up to 240 flushes, ensuring a long-lasting fresh and fragrant toilet.