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Limpro Toilet Block Woody Floral

Limpro’s new toilet blocks, with real perfume, provide a wonderfully fragrant and fresh toilet. The way to keep the toilet clean and fresh! From the first to the last flush, you are assured of a really clean toilet.

The toilet block Woody Floral:

Protects against dirt between cleanings
Prevents limescale build-up in the toilet
Produces a lovely spicy, woody fragrance with notes of passion fruit, raspberry and vanilla.

Fragrance Description: A woody, spicy fragrance with notes of passion fruit, raspberry, bergamot and vanilla. This fragrance is also known as Bastille.

Lasts up to 240 rinses
Keeps the toilet clean and fresh
Prevents limescale
Sleek and subtle design

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Product Specifications


Woody Floral

Package Contents

1 toilet block with the scent Woody Floral


71 grams


14,5 x 13 x 3,5 cm

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User Manual

Use: Open the holder and position the Limpro toilet block on the side of the toilet that receives the most flushing water. The stream of water releases a delightfully perfumed fragrance during flushing. At the same time, the water flow cleans the toilet. The Toilet block lasts up to 240 flushes, ensuring a long-lasting fresh and fragrant toilet.