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Limpro Perfume Card Floral & Sweet

Limpro’s Floral & Sweet Perfume Card gives off a subtle floral and fruity scent. The Perfume Cards make the car, toilet, closet or a closet drawer smell luxurious. Use the cord to easily attach the Perfume Card to the surface and enjoy 21 to 60 days of fragrance with the scent notes of blackcurrant, jasmine and mandarin. Need freshness again? Simply wave the card to reactivate the fragrance.

Fragrance description: The floral, fruity fragrance Floral & Sweet – or: Jardin des Plantes – has notes of blackcurrant, jasmine and mandarin.

With real perfume
Delivers dosed wonderful fragrance
Up to 60 days active

For use in

This product is made in the Netherlands

Product Specifications


Floral & Sweet

Package Contents

2 perfume cards


27 grams


7,5 x 0,5 x 15,3 cm

Article Number


EAN Code


User Manual

Note: Fragrance strength depends on conditions such as place of use, heat and moisture content. Do not apply directly to sensitive fabrics such as leather etc.

Tips & tricks

  • Place the card in the car’s ventilation grill for added effect
  • Card works best at room temperature
  • Use cards in the vacuum cleaner bag Put 1 or 2 perfume cards in the vacuum cleaner bag, this removes unpleasant odors from the vacuum cleaner and ensures that the vacuum cleaner spreads a wonderful fresh fragrance
  • These perfume cards work considerably longer than the paper alternatives