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Limpro Car Dehumidifier 400 grams

Use the Limpro car dehumidifier to prevent condensation and fogged up windows in your car, caravan, boat or home. The Limpro car dehumidifier extracts and retains excess moisture from the air. No more condensation forms that causes fogged up windows and musty smells. When the Dehumidifier indicator is white, it can be dried in the microwave. Limpro’s auto dehumidifier does not leak, is reusable and prevents condensation.

Effective moisture control
To be used in any room
No leaking

For use in

This product is made in the Netherlands

Product Specifications


Package Contents

1x car humidifier 400 grams


430 grams


17 x 16 x 3,5 cm

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User Manual

Placing the car dehumidifier in the microwave, as it were, will “reset” it and pull the moisture out again. It is Important to check that the indicator of the moisture absorber is colored white (this is the sign that the car dehumidifier is full of moisture). Then place the dehumidifier in the microwave on a plate or saucer with the indicator side up. Note that the indicator must first be colored white; otherwise DO NOT put the dehumidifier in the microwave!

DO NOT place the bag directly on a grid in the microwave. This is because then it will burn through the bag. After about 5 min at 600W remove the plate from the microwave (be careful, the bag is hot!) and let it cool for about 5 min. The car dehumidifier is now ready to use again.