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Limpro Perfume Card Baby Sweet

Limpro’s Perfume Card Baby Sweet gives off a dosed of floral scent. With its sweet, slightly fruity scent, this Perfume Card fits perfectly in a baby’s room. Use the cord to easily attach the Perfume Card to the surface and enjoy 21 to 60 days of a fine, recognizable scent reminiscent of a fresh baby’s room. For new freshness, simply waving the card is enough to reactivate the scent.

Fragrance Description: A floral, sweet fragrance with some light fruity, woody undertones. A fine, recognizable fragrance reminiscent of a fresh baby’s room.

With real perfume
Delivers dosed wonderful fragrance
Up to 60 days active

For use in

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Product Specifications


Baby Sweet

Package Contents

2 perfume cards


27 grams


7,5 x 0,5 x 15,3cm

Article Number


EAN Code


User Manual

Note: Odor strength depends on conditions such as place of use, heat and moisture content. Do not apply directly to sensitive fabrics such as leather etc.

Tips & tricks

  • Place the card in the car’s ventilation grill for added effect
  • Card works best at room temperature
  • Use cards in the vacuum cleaner bag Put 1 or 2 perfume cards in the vacuum cleaner bag, this removes unpleasant odors from the vacuum cleaner and ensures that the vacuum cleaner spreads a wonderful fresh fragrance
  • These perfume cards work considerably longer than the paper alternatives